History of Treaties and Treaty Promises Resources

History of Treaties and Treaty Promises Resources

Student Resources

The 500 Years of Resistance Comic Book – by Gord Hillma10-500-years-resistance-comic-book

This book focuses on the Aboriginal perspective of resisting European colonization, it shows accurate depictions of events across Canada, United States, as well as the Inca in Peru.  This novel covers issues in the past from the 1500’s all the way to the Mohawk Oka Crisis in 1990.

This novel would be a good introduction to viewing and understanding an alternative perspective on Aboriginal concepts.


Teacher Resources

Books & Articles

LegacyThese are textbooks that teacher’s can use to become more informed about treaties and Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal relationships.  Or teachers can adapt the textbook to the needs of their students.

Legacy:  Indian Treaty Relationships by Richard T. Price – Book

“This textbook considers the historical agreements between the Aboriginal peoples and the British Crown. It examines the historical background and contemporary situation in Canada, in units structured into focus questions, key issues and concrete examples. Directed at high school students.” (Google Books)

Allen Sapp’s Art: Through the Eyes of the Cree and Beyond a Teacher Resource Guide – Online PDF resource

This teacher’s guide is about Allen Sapp’s artwork and teaches Aboriginal perspectives throughout a variety of subject areas.  It is a resource from the Office of the Treaty Commissioner with plenty of activities that one can adapt and implement for a teacher’s classroom needs.  Plenty of traditional teachings such as teepee teaching, the sacred circle, and life on the land to name a few.

Treaty Essential Learnings: We are All Treaty PeopleTELS Cover:Layout 1.qxd

This document is a reference guide for teaching treaties in the classroom.  The Treaty Essential Learnings are the important topics, concepts and understandings students are expected to know by the end of grade 12.


Teaching Treaties in the Classroom7 to 12 binder

This guide is designed for grades seven to twelveTeachers are able to use this guide to teach about treaties and the treaty relationship between First Nations and Canada.


The Office of the Treaty Commissioner – Website

  • Website that provides teachers with information and resources such as the “treaty kit” that provides information, books, and resources on treaties.    Videos that can be used in the classroom to help understand the treaties and treaty promises are also available.

OTC Treaty Teacher Wikispace – Website

  •  Teachers are able to access teacher made lessons, SMART board activities, PowerPoint Games, and novel studies.  There are lessons and activities available from K-12 and teachers are able to upload their own lesson plans to add to the lesson plan database.





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