Healing and Reconciliation

As part of learning about residential schools it is equally important to learn about how these people are moving on from the pain and suffering that they have had to deal with in residential schools.  Canadians need to realize the ongoing suffering that has occurred because of the residential school system.  It is important that we have collective efforts from all peoples to help reestablish positive relationships between Aboriginal peoples and Canadian Society.  In order for the healing to occur it is important that Canadians be aware of what has went on in the past.

In 2000, the Aboriginal Healing Foundation established the Legacy of Hope Foundation, which is a charity that creates awareness about residential schools through education and provides continuous support the healing of the survivors of the residential school system.

“Though it will be many years before the healing is complete, it is important that all Canadians know that this is an era that will never be repeated” (Legacy of Hope Foundation).



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